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F&J Product Quality Standards

Determination Of Total Radioactive Iodine At Commercial NPPs

F&J is the world's largest manufacturer of radioiodine collection cartridges utilized in NPP facilities. The radioiodine cartridges include TEDA-impregnated activated-charcoal cartridges and cartridges containing silver zeolite adsorbents. Various mesh sizes are available to satisfy specific customer requirements concerning pressure drop and collection efficiency.

F&J provides comprehensive documentation on the collection efficiency vs. flowrate and the pressure drop vs. flowrate of its radioiodine collection cartridges utilizing nuclear industry testing standards

F&J manufactures the radioiodine collection cartridges in many different physical geometries to satisfy the majority of the applications encountered in nuclear facilities

Filter Media

F&J has supplied analytical filter media to the nuclear industry for over 20 years. It specializes in glass fiber, cellouse and membrane filter media utilized in alpha, beta, and gamma particulate collection. The filter media are available in circular discs and in sheets of various dimensions

Filter Holders (Sample Heads)

F&J manufactures filter holders (sample heads) for the filter paper media and combination filter holders for radioiodine collection cartridges plus filter media. Materials include plastic, aluminum and stainless steel in eith open-face or in-line configurations. Custom designs are available to accomodate specific end user requirements.

Conformance With Product Safety Standards

F&J's serious appreciation of the nuclear industry has been a catalyst for it to manufacture its products to a level of quality that meets or exceeds the applicable safety standards.

F&J customers have the assurance of product safety in addition to the reliability, ruggedness and high accuracy of airflow calibrators and air sampling systems found in F&J manufactures instruments.