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Homeland Security Products

F & J SPECIALTY PRODUCTS INC, offers a portfolio of products which aide in the collection of radioactive gases and particulate material created by nuclear events such as: NPP emissions, or nuclear facility accidents. All of the F&J products have been designed to meet current US, Canadian, and European certification standards and have been designed for use in a variety of work environments to include but not limited to: battery power, hand truck mount, and personal body use. Links to these products on our website follow.

Portable (AC/DC) Battery Powered Air Samplers
Heavy Duty Hand Truck Mounted Air Samplers
Personal Air Samplers
Digital and/or High Volume  Air Sampler Systems
Digital and/or Low Volume Air Sampler Systems
Calibration Instruments
Tritium Collection Systems
Radioiodine Collection Filter Cartridges (RICF)
Filter Paper Media
Plastic Filter Holders
Metal Filter Holders