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High Quality Aluminum and Stainless Steel Filter Holders

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Stainless Steel filter holders available for your application.  Call for pricing and availability. In-Line combination filter holder for Low Volume Air Samplers; utilizing particulate paper and charcoal cartridge; 3/8" FPT connection.
Other size connections available.
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Open Face combination filter holder for Low Volume Air Sampler; 3/8" FPT connection. 
Features a twist lock seal mechanism for particulate filters.
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Open face particulate filter holder for High Volume Air Samplers; designed to utilize a 4" (102mm) diameter filter paper, 1.83" MPT connection. Annular Kinetic Impactor for capture of heavy metal Alpha emitters on greased planchets.
side.gif (22590 bytes) FJ-2100 filter holder
8" x 10" Open Face Filter Holder Product Specifications
FJ-2100-I filter holder
8" x 10" Inline Filter Holder Product Specifications

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