Q: Are your TEDA and Silver Zeolite cartridges efficiency tested?

A: Yes, each and every batch of TEDA and Silver Zeolite is tested for efficiency in cartridge form by an independent laboratory. Flow rates used for testing are determined by mesh size of adsorbent, customer usage and historical testing. Once data for a batch is obtained, it is compared to past efficiency tests. If the efficiency data is consistent with historical testing, it is included in a compilation of testing for all approved batches. A best-fit efficiency curve is obtained from this data that is statistically accurate and consistent. If, for any reason, a customer wishes documentation specific to a particular batch, that can be provided. Additional information on the testing parameters can be found in the following RICF Report (pdf)

Q: Do the cartridges have an expiration date?

A: Yes, retention efficiency of TEDA and Silver Zeolite cartridges can be adversely affected by a few conditions. The most prevalent of these is moisture and contaminants. Because of this, F&J seals EACH cartridge in a 4-mil poly bag to keep moisture and contaminants from affecting the cartridge. Additionally, each bag is labeled with the expiration date of the cartridge. Each cartridge is labeled with it’s part number, the type of adsorbent it contains, the mesh size and batch number for identification. Each order of RICF cartridges are supplied with efficiency data and a shelf-life certificate.

F&J has significant data reflecting that cartridges can maintain their collection efficiency for long periods of time if they are kept in a suitable environment. Shelf life for TEDA cartridges is set by F&J to 4 years and shelf life for Silver Zeolite is 10 years. F&J will recertify a batch of cartridges that a customer may have by testing random samples from the customer’s stock using the standard test procedure. If the sample’s collection efficiency is still within expected collection efficiency of that type and model of cartridge, the customer’s stock will be recertified for an additional period of time.

Q: Do you have a QA program?

A: Yes, we do and we feel it is the best in the industry. F&J SPECIALTY PRODUCTS INC is ISO9001-2008 certified. All products are covered by this program. If you would like a copy of our certificate click here.